How To Fuck Non-Stop without Stopping ?

Q :

Hello I’m Chetan,

I’m a college student from Thane. I’m 21yrs old boy. I have a problem.

When I masturbate, semen comes out very quickly within 30 Seconds.
I only stroke for 10 or 15 times, but I cum quickly. I’m afraid what I will do,
If I get married. I’m upset with this.

I have seen many porn films and they keep fucking for many hours. How is it possible ?

I want to know how to have sex non-stop without stopping.
Some experienced friends, Please tell me how.

Is 30 seconds normal when masturbating ?
I also want to know after how many minutes or seconds will semen come out If you masturbate.

A :

You need to do some study about the sex.  There is no any specific minutes or seconds defined for ejaculating for a man or a women. This completely depends on your mental condition at the time of doing.  

I used to have a problem with not lasting more than 20 mins, but i trained to overcome that. My wife had to comment on the fact that i really do last longer; about 2 hours longer regularly…. There is no single thing or process to improving sexual performance, but there are a number of things to consider:

First thing is to be able to control your body; practice stopping your urine flow. This should stregthen your pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle – This is the muscle inbetween your scrotum and anus) and help you delay ejaculation. You should continue to strengthen them also using Kegel exercises.

Secondly; (maybe it should have been first), control your consumption of SUGAR! this is a big enemy to improved sexual performance. Sweet foods should be a no-no, except if they are fruits. I have noticed a significant decrease in my performance when i eat foods with sugar.

Third; you need to be able to control your breathing. We subconsciously do not breathe during intercourse; irregular breathing increases the heart rate and also increases the flow of blood to the Corpa Cavernosa. There is heightened excitement when breathing is irregular and this is a significant cause of poor sexual performance. Do all to use steady breathing to reduce excitement and then sensitivity.

Another thing is that you should be able to gauge yourself properly; many men know when the feeling of an ejaculation is approaching long before it gets to the ‘point of no return.’ You should be able to pace yourself and slow things down and then use breathing to reduce sensitivity.

A major technique to use in reducing sensitivity is Fore-Play. This has benefits for women, but especially for men. It is sort of ‘target-practice’ as you communicate to your body that you do not intend to ejaculate even though the sexual desire is heightened. Your body reads this and then applies it when you are actually having sex, by interpreting that you are still not ready to ejaculate. DO NOT be in a hurry to take off your clothes.

Consuming alcholol may help reduce excitement and I will recommend it for people just learning to improve their performance. DRINK RESPONSIBLY though. Remember that the key is reducing sensitivity and excitement, so alchohol is not an end to the problem of quick ejaculation, but a path to the solution.

Another thing to note is that body fat or a feeling of heaviness impedes sexual performance; this is not to say that fat people cannot perform optimally (i know fat people who are considered gods in bed)… However, running, or jogging will improve your stamina and is CRITICAL in improving sexual performance.

To improve your ability to recuperate after ejaculating, consume Kolanuts. They work wonders and i have been able to recuperate after ajaculating 3 times. Some people have told me they have been able to ‘come’ six times.

All i have written above is the result of 2 years of trial after about 15 years of lucky strikes or sub-optimal performance.

My wife is a lot happier now, and still asks where (and who!) i learned from…..

By the way, i have been able to go all night on the regular by applying all what i have written above. They have worked wonders for me.. 

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